I am a Full Professor of Customer Analytics at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (The Netherlands) and the Academic Director of the Expert Practice on Customer Analytics at the Erasmus Center for Data Analytics.

I obtained my Ph.D. degree from K.U. Leuven (Belgium), under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Croux, after obtaining an MSc as Business Engineer at Solvay Business School (Belgium). Before joining RSM, I held appointments at the Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam and Tilburg University (The Netherlands), and I have been a visiting scholar at Harvard Business School (USA).

My passion and current research are on the development of prescriptive analytics that can leverage consumer data in order to address key business decisions. I am particularly interested in the design of new methodologies that can guide organizations in their customer-centric decision-making. My research portfolio is organized according to the three fundamental stages of the customer lifecycle: (i) customer acquisition and new product introduction, (ii) customer development and engagement, and (iii) customer retention. A substantial part of my work involves machine learning and large-scale cluster and grid computing.

My research has been published in leading academic journals, such as Marketing Science, the Journal of Marketing, the Journal of Marketing Research, and the International Journal of Research in Marketing. In 2012, I was the recipient of the 2012 IJRM Best Paper Award. I am also serving on the editorial board of the Journal of Marketing Research and the International Journal of Research in Marketing. Finally, I was awarded several prestigious grants, including a Marie Curie from the European Research Council, a Veni grant, and a Vidi grant from the Dutch Science Foundation, NWO.

Besides research, I love teaching! At RSM, I am teaching Customer Analytics in the Business Analytics and Management Msc, Customer Centricity in the Marketing Management Msc, and Creating Customer Value in the Executive MBA program. I have received several best teaching awards (2017 and 2019) for my course on Conjoint Analysis.

Finally, over the years, I have also built multiple collaborations with companies in the Netherlands and abroad to guide them in developing their customer analytics skills. For more information on s potential collaboration, feel free to reach out.

Methodological Interests

  • Machine learning
    Active Learning
    Meta Learning
    Ensemble Learning
    Policy Evaluation
    Latent moderation
    Nonparametric choice models
    Optimization techniques
    Time series analysis
    Time-varying coefficient models
    Semiparametric modeling
    Granger causality
    Spectral analysis

Substantive Interests

  • Algorithmic fairness
    Customer analytics
    Acquisition strategies
    Retention and churn
    Customer profitability
    Customer lifetime value
    (International) new product strategies
    New product launch & diffusion patterns,
    International segmentation

Latest News

List of Publications

Enhancing Donor Agency to Improve Charitable Giving: Strategies and Heterogeneity

Journal of Marketing, Forthcoming
Emilie Esterzon, Aurelie Lemmens, Bram Van den Bergh

Selected Honors, Awards and Grants

ERIM Open Science Award 2021

Awarded for the contribution to Open Science through the publication of codes and software

Excellent Teacher Awards 2017 and 2019

Awarded by Tilbug School of Economics and Management for the course Conjoint Analysis.

Vidi grant (November 2013 – July 2019, 5 year salary grant – 800,000 EUR)

Awarded by the Dutch scientific foundation NWO.

Veni grant (2010 – 2013, 3 year salary grant – 250,000 EUR)

Awarded by the Dutch scientific foundation NWO.

Marie Curie Grant (2006 – 2005, 2 year salary grant – 135,000 EUR)

Awarded by the European Commission

Data Science Grant (2017 – 2021, 4 year PhD grant – approx. 180,000 EUR)

Awarded by Tillburg University

IJRM Best Paper Award 2012

The article Dynamics in the international market segmentation of new product growth written by  Aurélie Lemmens, Christophe Croux and Stefan Stremersch, and published in the International Journal of Research in Marketing was the recipient of the 2012 IJRM Best Paper Award.

More grants and awards