Recruitment Head, 2019

Data Science Task Force MSc. Business Analytics, TiSEM, 2017-present

Data Science Committee, Bachelor & Master, TiSEM, 2014-2016

Education Committee for the MSc. Marketing Analytics, 2017-present

Jheronimus Academy of Data Science, Outreach to Companies, 2016-2017

Recruiting Committee, Data Science Chair sponsored by CZ, 2017

Seminar Organization, Marketing Department, 2011-2015, 2017-present

Zwaartekracht Committee on Responsible Data Science, 2016

Academic Director MSc. Marketing, 2008-2011

Coordinator MSc. theses Marketing, 2008-2011

ERIM Fellow, 2006-2011

Tinbergen Institute Fellow, 2006-2011

Assessment Committee, NWO Research Talent, 2017-2018

Faculty Member, EMAC Doctoral Colloquium, 2011 & 2017

Hiring Committee, Chair in Marketing Analytics, Solvay Business School, 2016-2018

Inaugural Team Leader, EMAC SIG Modeling/Quantitative Marketing/Marketing Analytics/Marketing Research, 2017-present